7. I Apply a Variety of Technologies to Meet Student's Needs

KSA 8 - Teachers apply a variety of technologies to meet students' learning needs.

In this KSA, I would prefer that the word technology simply be changed to tools.  And yet, technology sounds so much more professional doesn't it?  But really, 200 years ago the pencil and pen were considered "hi-tech" and yet they are still very much a part of our learning and teaching strategies today!

Particularly in third and fourth grade, the "graduation" to using a pen to "publish" our good copies is a considerable step for my students...one worthy of praise and admiration.  And so, I am proud to admit, my primary technology for production remains as-ever, the venerable HB pencil!

Alternatively, I probably use upwards of twenty different technologies every day, usually at least two-three per lesson.  These are, but aren't limited to:
  • The chalkboard!
  • Dry erase "plates" 
  • Good old fashioned books (fiction & non-fiction).

  • Computers (photo)

  • CD's for individual listening to reading (photo)

  • Smartboard for presentation of material and for interactive learning

  • Anchor charts made during lessons with class involvement, then used as reference material for the year
  • Other visual media, teacher-made and/or purchased  

Some examples of software programs my students use daily and weekly are:

Some examples of websites I use weekly to meet student needs are:

  • Online timers (the kids love the bomb one that blows up, while I prefer the gentle chime of the egg timer!) 
  • GoNoodle  
Check out my Page 5. I know Many Approaches To Teaching to see pictures of my class using it! Some examples of websites and social media I use for my own planning, resource development and networking (to in turn meet student needs are):
  • Our division-wide grade level email group

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