12. I am a Professional Life-Long Learner

KSA 11 - Teachers are career-long learners

KSA 2 - Teachers understand the legislated, moral and ethical frameworks within which they work

As a professional learner, I engage in ongoing professional development to enhance my:
-understanding of and ability to analyze the context of teaching
- ability to make reasoned judgements and decisions
- pedagogical knowledge and abilities

I recognize my own professional needs and work with others to meet those needs, for example my attendance at the Gr. 3 SLA information and marking sessions.   Additionally I have attended our division wide grade level meetings where all Gr. 3 and/or 4 teachers meet at head office to discuss grade-specific topics every two months.  I have also never missed the yearly Teacher's Convention.  Additionally I have dutifully attended the Holy Spirit Faith Development meetings offered to first-year teachers. I am a member of the Early Childhood Education Specialty Council.


I share any professional expertise I might have to the benefit of others in their schools, communities and profession. I have shown this:
  • First and foremost in the creation of this digital portfolio.  Having my work online not only allows me to easily modify it as I learn and grow as well as make it available for other learning and growing as well. Through this site, and my other blog, I aim to make my work transparent and available to all who search. I  have no interest in keeping what I have learned to myself.  I have also submitted resources to Teachers Pay Teachers  both for sale and free downloads. 
  • By sharing my Gr. 3 level Student Learning Assessment knowledge with my staff as they are not "stand-alone" tests.  They are a reflection of the work of the Grade 1 and 2 teachers so we have had various meetings together to discuss this.  The Grade 6 and 9 teachers are also keenly interested since the Gr. 6 PAT's have not been phased out quite yet but are on the horizon.  I have shared my experience with them since they will be expected to deliver them in coming years.
I am a professional in that I understand my legislated, moral and ethical obligations.  I reference a number of documents to ensure this.  They are:

The Alberta Teacher's Association Professional Code of Conduct

Province of Alberta Education Act

Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate School Division 4 Policies (including 11. Staff Code of Conduct)

School based policies (scan in?)

Alberta Education Program of Studies - specifically course outcomes in all subject areas specific to Grade 2, 3, 4 and 5 to ensure understanding of students' entry and exit knowledge.

Supervision schedule (scan in)

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